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The dream was big. In just a few years, Brazil would build a modern capital in the middle of a savanna, an experiment in egalitarianism that would also shift power toward the center of the vast country (Reuters).

Three years before John F Kennedy declared that he too was a Berliner, a Brazilian president made a similarly striking claim: that he was a candango, one of the thousands of poor people who left their homes and families for a better future building the country’s new capital, Brasilia. Read their story at BBC News.

The Senate’s first secretary, senator Heráclito Fortes (DEM-PI), announced on Wednesday (14) the result of a survey by DataSenado, service of Public Opinion, according to which 93.3% of people from Brasília and 84.8% of Brazilians from other cities classified the capital transfer from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília as favorable to the country. 97% of people from Brasília and 89% of Brazilians from other cities are convinced that it was worth it to build the new capital (Brazilian Senate).


The president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzmann, said that the current operating conditions of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo airports will hardly meet the demand for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Both events will be held in Rio and 10,500 athletes from 205 countries will participate in the competitions, which will last for 17 days (Brazilian Senate).


The Belo Monte dam. a huge Amazon hydropower project, shows how hard it is to balance the demands of the environment and of a growing and prospering country (The Economist).


The World Bank approved a loan of US$650 million to the government of Sao Paulo for the expansion of the metro network in the Brazilian city (Macauhub).


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