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The Cristal Tower at BarraShopping in Porto Alegre, currently under constuction (Cristal Tower)


Seven favelas in Tijuca were invaded and occupied by police forces last Wednesday, April 28th, in preparation for the establishment of the city’s first  Police Pacification Unit in this part of Rio’s North Zone. The occupation is part of the city’s continued efforts to create permanent police presence in poor communities in order to reduce drug trafficking (The Rio Times).

Beneath the palm-fringed beach stereotype that most visitors to Rio have, there is a bustling city that functions like any other major metropolis, and suburbs like Botafogo do more than their glamorous neighbors to reflect this reality (The Rio Times).

As Brazil scrambles to burnish its global image, Rio de Janeiro, the nation’s playground of surf, sun and — some would say — sin, is adding an unfamiliar phrase to the local lexicon: shock and order (Bloomberg).


Brazil’s 2014 World Cup organizing committee is conducting an audit to examine the progress being made by the 12 host cities that could result in venues for the soccer tournament being dropped or changed (Bloomberg).

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