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Salvador, otherwise known as the ‘Capital de Alegria’ (Happiness Capital) for its rocking street parties and infamous carnival, was the first capital of Brazil and now presides over the state of Bahia. It is most famous as the home of graceful martial arts dance capoeira, its distinctive colonial architecture, tantalizing African-influenced dishes and fifty kilometers of beaches, and with so much to offer it is little wonder that many are interested in taking up a more permanent residence there (Rio Times).


Rio Folle Journée is characterized by delving, each year, into a theme, or into the work of a great composer. The Carioca version of this event, created in France, dedicates this edition to Frédéric Chopin, whose bicentennial anniversary is celebrated this year (Rio Offical Guide).

The 17th Fashion Rio 2010 brings together designer labels to show their Summer 2011 collections. From May 29, the Mauá Pier warehouses will also be presenting the 10th edition of Rio à porter, Fashion Rio’s official fashion and design business center (Rio Official Guide). 


Paraty and the Costa Verde’s sandy beaches and hot, tropical climate are two of the region’s main draws but this also makes the area synonymous with rain and for many that can cause a panicked sense of ‘My vacation is ruined!’ Far from spelling out holiday disaster, though, there are many activities to do when the heavens open that can save the trip (Rio Times).



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