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Brazil’s ruling party presidential candidate, Dilma Rousseff, pledged to eradicate poverty and propel Latin America’s largest economy to a middle class society and developed-nation status if she wins October’s election (Reuters).

Brazil’s leading opposition candidate, Jose Serra, said that he would trim fat from Brazil’s budget and make the central bank head follow government policy if he wins October’s vote (Reuters).

Brazil’s Green Party presidential candidate Marina Silva proposed to cut taxes and social security benefits, giving a market-friendly slant to her platform of clean government and environment (Reuters).


Should Brazil build the bomb? Speculations are rife since september 2009 when the Vice-President remarked Brazil should become a nuclear power. A recent article in Der Spiegel suggested Brazil has an atomic secret. But why shouldn’t Brazil have the bomb? What do you think? Vote here or comment and debate below.

Valor Economico reported that Brazil’s defence ministry favours buying the French Rafale fighter in a deal that would in turn see the French Airforce buy Embraer refuelling planes (Brazil Weekly).


Brazil has suspended exports of heat-treated meats to the United States pending a review of the differences in sanitary standards in the two countries which caused a cargo to be sent back (Reuters).

The United States brushed aside Brazil and Turkey’s efforts to craft a nuclear fuel deal for Iran, saying Tehran must face new U.N. sanctions as soon as possible over its escalating atomic violations (Reuters).

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that the U.S. and Brazil have “very serious disagreements” over Iran’s nuclear program (AlJazeera).

Lula’s visit to the Middle East was not all about Iran’s bomb. Brazil also has been seeking to strengthen its commercial ties with Middle Eastern countries of late as an emerging economy aiming to expand its scope, reach into new markets, and establish new trade partnerships (The Rio Times).

Brazilian government has been “very tolerant” with Bolivia, said senator Eduardo Azeredo (PSDB-MG), president of the Committee on External Relations and National Defense, on Thursday (27), as he commented on statements made the day before by former governor José Serra, PSDB’s pre-candidate to the Brazilian Presidency, who mentioned that the Bolivian government would be an “accomplice” to cocaine traffic to Brazil (Senado Federal).

Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega suggested the International Monetary Fund (IMF) include China’s yuan and Brazil’s real as conversion currencies for Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of the institution (Xinhua).


Brazil’s government is managing to put its fiscal house in order thanks to strong activity in Latin America’s largest economy, further highlighted by a falling jobless rate (Reuters).


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