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The Barra Prime Offices project in Rio de Janeiro.


Please send us your picture or renders of building projects or developments in Brazil, so we can extend our feature series Building of the week….


Brazilian farmers are setting more fires in parts of the Amazon where deforestation has slowed, according to a study that shows weaknesses in a U.N. plan for slowing climate change (Reuters).


The Brazilian Ministry of Health has released a statement reporting an eighty percent increase in confirmed cases of the dengue virus in 2010 according to official figures registered in the first three months of the year, and next summer could see a new increase in the dangerous type one strain of the virus in Rio, currently only found in the interior of the state (The Rio Times).

The Morro do Borel favela is scheduled to receive a permanent Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora (Police Pacification Unit, or UPP). This will be the eighth UPP inaugurated since the policy was launched in January of 2009 (The Rio Times).

An increase is reported in real estate values in favelas that now have a UPP presence, the police force that have taken control of many communities to displace the drug gangs (The Rio Times).


Hear reggae music resound off dilapidated, ancient buildings and ceramic roof tiles as 17th century Baroque architecture rolls through the winding streets while elaborate staircases give São Luís an almost ghostly feel of faded glory and conquest (The Rio Times).




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