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Presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff pledged to continue the policies of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva but to govern Brazil with the “soul and heart of a woman” if she wins October’s election (Reuters).

Dilma Rousseff received her party’s nomination for president and vowed to cut tax rates while increasing the number of taxpayers (Bloomberg).

Retired senior federal police officer Onézimo Sousa confirmed to have received an invitation to investigate PSDB’s candidate to the Brazilian Presidency, José Serra. He answered congressmen’s inquiries, on Wednesday (17), at the Congress’ Joint Committee for the Control of Intelligence Activities (Senado Federal).


Brazil has been a member of the UN Security Council on ten separate occasions since 1946 and it had never before voted against a resolution backed by a majority of the council’s members. But on June 9th Brazil and Turkey both opposed further sanctions against Iran. Read the full analysis at The Economist.

Brazil suspended retaliatory measures against U.S. goods over a cotton subsidy dispute, freezing until 2012 a long-running row that has demonstrated the South American nation’s trade clout (Reuters).


Who should be Brazil’s partners in the world? You can tick as many options as you want…


Brazil is making determined efforts to upgrade its armed forces to a level consistent with the country’s regional and global importance.  Read the full report at Jane’s.


A new Brazilian law authorizing electronic monitoring of prisoners serving their sentences in semi-open regime or under house arrest entered into effect (Xinhua).


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