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Render of Rio’s new Museum of Image and Sound on Copacabana (DS +R).


Please note the Brazil Weekly team will be on holidays during the month of July. The next edition of Brazil Weekly will therefore arrive early August.


A financial revolution has given hundreds of thousands of poor families access to credit for the first time and played a role in turning the long impoverished and handout-dependent northeast into Brazil’s fastest-growing region (Reuters).

Glistening skyscrapers reflect the baby blue waters across a thin border of white beach. At night, the city illuminates the ocean and gradually comes alive to the sound of dance music and forró. Fortaleza is Brazil’s modern metropolis of the north, attracting both international and Brazilian tourists by the thousands every year (The Rio Times).

The boom in Brazil’s sunbelt is visible in the dozens of luxury condominiums being erected along Recife’s main beach front, soaring sales of household appliances and an unprecedented expansion of credit pulling millions into a home- and car-owning middle class (Reuters).


Rio now takes the title of most expensive city in the Americas for foreigners to live, according to a recent survey (The Rio Times).

As property continues on a steep upward trajectory in Rio, The Rio Times decided to take a look at what can still be had in some of the city’s best known neighborhoods for around R$300,000 (US$167,926). As most urban Cariocas tend to live in apartments, they’ve focused on this sector of the market, with Leblon excluded due to the price band, which will be increased in part two of the series (The Rio Times).


Maybe there‘s hope yet for São Paulo‘s suffering drivers, perpetually trapped in anguished gridlock. The first two stations of the new Yellow Line No. 4 metro are now open, and for anyone who‘s ever cursed Av. Rebouças while idling on a smoggy day, there‘s light at the end of Marta‘s tunnel (Gringoes).



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