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In Brazil on August 1, 2010 at 10:14 am


Render of the almost finished Praia de Belas Prime Office tower in Porto Alegre (source: Skyscrapercity).


The historic coastal town of Paraty welcomes superstars from the literary world next week with the eighth annual Paraty International Literature Festival (FLIP) from August 4th to 8th (The Rio Times).

Arlindo Cruz’s traditional samba music and the pop rock by the singer Frejat are going to be combined at the stage in Fundição Progresso, at Lapa. The unexpected combination shall take place on August 14, when the public shall be able to enjoy very different music styles within Brazilian music, in two performances for the price of one (Rio Official Guide).

Next year, 2011, will officially be the year of Holland in Brazil, celebrating 100 years of Dutch immigration to the country (PSDB).


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Slums in Rio de Janeiro are to be cleared and cleaned up as part of a major rebuilding plan ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games, the city’s mayor says (BBC News).

The Porto Maravilhosa (Wonderful Port) project took a step nearer completion, as Rio city council sanctioned a bill introducing tax relief on municipal developments in the port district. The move was the latest in a series of bills aimed at clearing the way for the major urban regeneration plan, expected to be finished in time for the 2016 Olympics (Rio Times).

Talk to elderly Cariocas (as present or former residents of the city are known) about the favelas of the 1950s and they often turn misty-eyed, recalling peaceful places with the best views in the city and plenty of good live music. A new book by Janice Perlman, Favela: Four decades of Living on the Edge of Rio de Janeiro, tells you what happened (The Economist).

Currently aiming to attain a standard of improved quality in many aspects of life in Rio de Janeiro, the city intends to continue its six-month long campaign against bars and restaurants flouting hygiene regulations, closing and fining several establishments across the city in the process (Rio Times).

Deep in the heart of the Baixada Fluminense, the seemingly never-ending low-lying suburb stretching out through the north of Rio, lies a progressive new cultural center – the “Casa Cultural de Baixada” – giving locals of all ages the opportunity to learn new skills and explore their talents (Rio Times).

Lapa, Rio’s frenzied center of culture and nightlife, is undergoing major changes as a series of initiatives to improve safety, regulate business and conserve the heritage of the area take effect (The Rio Times).


Haphazard houses made from wooden slats and corrugated metal rooftops rise out of the surrounding jungle as flocks of mopeds cruise by. Several-dozen paved roads quickly deteriorate to pothole-filled gravel before being swallowed entirely by foliage. Isolated by road from all three of the countries at the shared border, Leticia offers a rare kind of energy as a lost jungle city (Rio Times).

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest region would be a record-low this year, Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said (Xinhua).


If you ask a typical Carioca what is best about Niterói, they will probably answer, “The view of Rio,” while if you ask a resident of Niterói about Rio, they will likely shudder, check if you really need to go there, and tell you to watch your wallet. Stereotypes aside, and despite first impressions, the longer one weathers the frenetic energy of Rio, the more you might just welcome the relative tranquility of Niterói (Rio Times).


While many get discouraged at the sometimes elite and pricey São Paulo scene, there are still a variety of trendy places that are easy on the wallet and well worth checking out. Abundant in cultural diversity, São Paulo offers a plethora of attractions for the budgeted tourist to the light pocketed local; there is indeed no shortage of inexpensive weekend attractions (Rio Times).


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