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In Brazil on August 14, 2010 at 9:34 am


A render of the Bandeirantes complex, currently under construction in Sao Paulo (source: Skyscrapercity).


Presently there is no English language news agency in Brazil. Which foreign news agency do you trust most for news on Brazil? You can tick more than one or add a different choice….


A former British army captain became the first known person to walk from the origin of the Amazon river to its mouth, after enduring “50,000” mosquito bites, attacks by hostile Indians and tropical disease in his nearly 2-1/2 year odyssey (Reuters).

In the Brazilian Amazon, long-forgotten workers drafted in to help the Allies in World War II are dreaming of a home they left when they were still in their teens. Now in their mid-80s, they are awaiting the outcome of legal moves that may finally bring them the recognition and compensation they were promised 67 years ago (BBC).


The real Rio fashion magic takes place some distance inland from Ipanema in the North Zone neighborhood of São Cristóvão. Hundreds of fashion brands and clothing factories populate the area, and right at the heart of this activity is a small workshop in the Barreira de Vasco favela producing some of the most exciting Carioca style in the city (The Rio Times).

Residents of Leblon met to discuss the proposed Bossa Nova Park construction set to be built on a site currently occupied by the 23rd BPM (Military Police Batallion). Once vacated, the site will offer no less than 40,000 m2 for redevelopment, under the control of the state government (The Rio Times).

On September 04, 05, 11 and 12, Santa Teresa shall be hosting the 19th edition of “Arte de portas abertas” (arts with open doors), which is already part of the city’s cultural program (Rio Official Guide).


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