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In Brazil on August 20, 2010 at 11:01 am


An interior view of the recently inaugurated Ouro Fino headquarters, designed by Studio Troost of Sao Paulo. Ouro Fino Agro Negocios is one of the largest Brazilian veterinary product industries. The new 8.000 m2 headquarters is located at their industrial campus near Riberão Preto in São Paulo state (Studio Troost).


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Bringing together a diverse mix of musicians, writers, artists and thinkers from around the world, from August 27th the Back2Black Festival 2010 presents a three day fusion of African influences and contemporary pop expression in Brazil and beyond (The Rio Times).


The Brazilian government announced on August 9th that levels of deforestation of the Amazon rain forest have fallen by as much as half in the last year, compared to the 2008/2009 monitoring period (The Rio Times).

Environmentalists have labored for decades to protect the impossibly vast rainforests of the Amazon, which make up more than half of the world’s tropical forests. But until recently they had little to show for their efforts (Reuters).

Initial construction on the Belo Monte dam, which will be the third largest in the world, is slated to begin by next year (New York Times).


As anyone who has experienced it can attest, cachaça is a beautiful but dangerous mistress. Seductive, fiery and utterly Brazilian, the sugar-cane firewater can be the sweet making-and-breaking of nights out all over the country and this weekend it will be the toast (in more ways than one) of the 28th Festival da Pinga in Paraty (The Rio Times).


A little over 100 years ago, Barra da Tijuca – the long, thin strip of beachfront land to the west of Rio de Janeiro – was a land of swamps, lagoons and sugar plantations. Eventually the land rights fell into the hands of the federal authorities, who started to lay the foundations of the modern, North American-indebted neighborhood we know today; loved by some, maligned by others, but home to some of the city’s finest condominiums and more affordable properties (The Rio Times).

Surrounded by sky scrapers, Cinelândia has traits that would be ordinary to the Center of any big city. Apart from the modern traits, Cinelândia is also surrounded by magnificent cultural places, which reveal a bit of the area’s history (Rio Official Guide).

Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil has set up a grammar hotline to help people who have difficulties using Portuguese (BBC).


The view from Rio. Read the review of a book laced with anecdotes from a New York Times reporter: Brazil on the Rise: The Story of a Country Transformed, by Larry Rohter (The Economist).



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