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In Brazil on September 17, 2010 at 9:44 am


Artist impression of the bridge to be built between Santos and Guaruja cities.  Santos is South America’s busiest port. If pooled together, the cities and ports around Santos Bay (Santos, Cubatao, Guaruja, Sao Vicente) constitute a major industrial, logistical and tourism hub on Brazil’s southeastern coast, with over 1,2 million inhabitants (Source Picture: Prefeitura de Santos).


As contemporary arts move closer and closer to exploring their realm and capabilities by pushing their limits, they also increasingly adopt the medium of another. The recent programming by Oi Futuro cultural centers reflects this trend, exhibiting projects of visual poetry, musical books, and numerous installations that borrow and mix elements from cinema, music, poetry, painting, and photography (The Rio Times).


Brazil launched a new plan to save its immense savannah, an expanse of wild, bio-rich grassland at risk from encroaching farmland, by boosting spot checks and sustainable development (France24).


The city sits in the beautiful rural landscape of Minas Gerais State. Built on hills and surrounded by mountains, the capital city of Minas is home to several parks, including the ‘Parque das Mangabeiras’ which boasts superb views of the city and the surrounding countryside (The Rio  Times).


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In this day and age a good education is the most valuable asset one can have in an increasingly competitive professional world. Accordingly, The British School, Rio de Janeiro has been setting its sights, and by extension its pupils’, high, offering a balanced curriculum with a global approach (The Rio Times).

On a clear Rio day, when the sun shines and the haze subsides, a mountain range is visible at the northern end of Guanabara Bay. The peaks form part of the Serra dos Mar mountain range and lie within the 110km2 Serra dos Orgãos National park (The Rio Times).

Rio police arrested 13 suspected soccer hooligans at the start of a campaign to eradicate fan violence from the game before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (Reuters).

The government of Rio de Janeiro lauched a project of 8 million Real (about 470 US dollars) to renovate the city’s landmark Lapa Arches and its surrounding areas (Xinhua).



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