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In Brazil on September 17, 2010 at 9:48 am


Brazil’s main opposition presidential candidate, Jose Serra, blasted the ruling party’s front-runner with accusations of graft and dirty campaign tactics in a last-ditch attempt to dent her huge lead (Reuters).

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s chief of staff quit over an ethics scandal, in a bid to stave off possible damage to Lula’s front-running candidate in the presidential election next month (Reuters).

The incumbent governor of Rio de Janeiro state, Sergio Cabral is running for re-election to a second term at the state’s highest elected office, and has assumed a comfortable lead (The Rio Times).

Dilma Rousseff defended her country’s relations with Iran. In a visit to the Jewish Federation of the State of Sao Paulo, Rousseff explained that the government’s approach with Iran represented a commitment to peace (Xinhua).

Lula was at the centre of the first question to be pitched in the latest TV presidential debate held at Sao Paulo-based TV station, RedeTV (BBC).


Brazil expanded the offshore area where drilling for crude or prospecting for minerals requires government authorization as it seeks to increase control over natural resources (Bloomberg).


The first meeting took place of the India-Brazil joint defence committee, with a focus on taking advantage of each other’s defence production capabilities. The meeting aims to build upon the existing bilateral defence cooperation agreement to explore co-development and co-production in aeronautics, ship-building and sub-systems such as software, avionics and ordnance (Times of India).

For example, an Indian built Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEWCS) will be integrated into the Brazilian Embraer-145 Aircraft, which will fly in the country in January 2011 (Sify).

South Africa’s defence contractor Denel has a partnership with Brazil, which includes the R1-billion A-Darter missile programme. Some 40 engineers and air force staff from Brazil working on the project. Both Brazil and South Africa identified a need for short-range missiles, which was one of the reasons for the development of the A-Darter missile. For Brazil, the technology transfer is invaluable (Engineeringnews).

The purpose of the visit of the British Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean was threefold; conducting an amphibious exercise with the Brazilian Marines, hosting a defense industry day with the likes of British Aerospace presenting projects to Brazil’s defense ministry and a security seminar, culminating in the signing of a new defense cooperation agreement between the UK and Brazil (The Rio Times).

Britain and Brazil are to sign a defense agreement the UK government hopes will pave the way for a multi-billion dollar contract for BAE systems to supply vessels to Brazil’s navy (Reuters).

Argentina could soon join with other countries in the region to help develop a military transport plane built by Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer (Reuters).

Embraer also signed a letter of intent with Portugal’s government to help develop a military transport plane, the fourth such agreement in two months (Reuters).


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The Brazilian authorities say they have rescued 95 farm workers who were being kept in slave-like conditions in two south-eastern states (BBC).



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