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In Brazil on October 1, 2010 at 10:15 am


Render of the Fidalga 727 residential complex for Sao Paulo (source: Ideasarvos).


As a globally-important metropolis that possesses the sights of Paris, the sounds of New York City, the charm of London, and the sun of Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro offers endless possibilities to the film industry, leading the Festival do Rio 2010 (Rio International Film Festival) to rightly set its sights high within the industry at large (The Rio Times).


Metro International S.A. (“Metro”), the international newspaper group, today announced that Metro expands in Brazil by launching a new edition in Rio de Janeiro. The Rio edition will have an initial distribution of 100,000 daily copies from Monday to Friday which will be hand delivered by distributors at strategic locations to reach the target audience (Reuters).


Rio remains Brazil’s most expensive city for hotel guests, according to the 2010 ‘Hotel Price Index’ (HPI), released last week. The bi-annual report, based on the actual prices paid rather than advertised prices, shows that since the second quarter of 2009 there has been a twelve percent rise in room prices. Thus the average room now costs USD$207, up from USD$185 in 2009. Prices in São Paulo, meanwhile rose seven percent to an average of USD$169 (The Rio Times).



As Brazilians prepare to go to the polls on 3 October, much of the focus has been on the country’s strong economic performance in recent years. One area that has seen a boom is the city of Porto Velho, the capital of the state of Rondonia in the Amazon (BBC).


Long known as being a city of excess, now the home life of many Cariocas has also been touched by the phenomenon as the development of the ‘Super Condominium’ takes hold in Rio.  A miniature city within a city, some with on-site schools, shops and basically everything you could need all within a gated community, they have become all the rage, fueled by the media’s scare-mongering of the middle and upper class and their portrayal of the condo-dream (The Rio Times).

Inspired by sheer energy, the chef Tande Bittencourt decided to open early this year a charming bistro, the Restô Ipanema, in the heart of Ipanema in the Joana Angelica street (Rio Official Guide).


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Brazil’s Suape port in Pernambuco state has signed an agreement with Australian packaging company Amcor for the 25-year concession of a 30,000m2 area (Dredging Today).


The long queues of vessels waiting off the coast of Santos for a berth in Brazil’s biggest port are a visible sign of the country’s booming economy but also highlight the strains economic growth has placed on its infrastructure (BBC).


The deal for the 24-kilometer (14.9-mile) Expresso Tiradentes mass-transit line is valued at 2.46 billion reals ($1.44 billion), according to a company statement. Bombardier, based in Montreal, will team with two members of the Express Monotrilho Leste Consortium, or Eastern Express Monorail Consortium, a group that includes Brazilian companies, to design, supply and install the system (Bloomberg).


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