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In Brazil on March 11, 2011 at 10:41 am


President Dilma Rousseff is backing away from a reform agenda that the business community, the IMF and others say is needed to spur investment and sustained growth in Latin America’s largest economy, according to Reuters.



The number of people who see Brazil as having a positive influence in the world is rising rapidly, according to a BBC World Service poll of 27 countries (BBC).

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has withdrawn from an offshore oil exploration block in Cuba’s waters that it leased amid great fanfare in 2008 (MercoPress)

Correspondents for a Brazilian and a British newspaper have been held in a jail outside the North African country’s capital, the publications said, and the Brazilian was reported released (Washington Post).

The Governments of Brazil and France concluded the text of the pension agreement between the two countries. After the international treaty is entered into force, with their respective ratifications of the Legislative powers of each country, the pension agreement will benefit about 60 thousand Brazilians who work in France, as well as French citizens residing in Brazil (Portal Brasil).


Embraer can develop a light turboprop trainer aircraft, in partnership with India, with the goal to meet the potential demand from the armed forces of both nations, said the vice-president for the Defense Market of the company, Orlando Neto (India -Brazil Chamber).


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Scientists and engineers at Cenpes, the research center of Petrobras in Rio de Janeiro, are trying to find a way of placing automated processing plants to separate oil, gas and water on the seabed, some 2,000 meters beneath surface waters. The plants would be powered by undersea electrical generators that also would pump oil and gas through pipelines laid along the bottom of the South Atlantic to gathering stations and terminals hundreds of kilometers away (Brazil Portal).