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In Brazil on May 27, 2011 at 12:19 pm


President Dilma Rousseff has suspended the distribution and production of sex education films for schools in Brazil. President Rousseff believes the footage is not suitable for youngsters (BBC).

Brazil’s congress has passed a law that — if approved by President Dilma Rousseff — would require sexual health messages to be placed in underwear manufactured and sold in Brazil (MercoPress).

President Dilma Rousseff’s coalition won a victory when it blocked opposition attempts to summon her chief of staff to testify in Congress about his previous income while serving in Congress (Reuters).


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Brazil should invest in studying China, India and South Africa, according to experts who joined a public hearing on foreign policy of the three countries promoted by the Committee on External Relations and National Defense. The hearing is part of a debate cycle named Trends of Brazilian Foreign Policy (2011-2012) (Federal Senate).

Senators approved the nomination of Ambassador Carlos Alberto Lopes Asfora to the embassy in Tbilisi in Georgia.  He highlighted at the committee the “many opportunities” that can be seized by Brazil in relation to Georgia, a European country that was part of the old Soviet Union (Federal Senate).

Brazil will privately support French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde’s candidacy to run the International Monetary Fund, a Brazilian government official familiar with the negotiations said (Bloomberg).


A research-and-development center for transport, logistics, defense and security was inaugurated in Brazil this week by Saab of Sweden (UPI).