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In Brazil on June 24, 2011 at 9:41 am


Render of the Real Splendor commercial and residential complex for Aguas Claras, Federal District of Brasilia (Skyscrapercity).



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Late last month the Brazilian Congress passed a bill that if it becomes law would ease restrictions on rain-forest clearing and make it easier than ever to mow down the Amazon. That same day, 800 miles north of the parliamentary chamber in Brasilia, assailants ambushed and killed a married couple whose opposition to environmental crimes had placed them in the crosshairs of those who most stand to gain from the new legislation (National Geographic).

One of Brazil’s last untouched Indian tribes has been spotted in a dense region of the Amazon jungle close to the Peruvian border, the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) reported. A couple of years ago another tribe was spotted in the same area in an Ethno-Environmental Protected Area along the Envira River (MercoPress).


Over forty of Rio’s favelas are to lose their ‘unofficial’ status and be reclassified as official municipal ‘urban communities’ under new city hall minimum quality standards. The plans were announced following studies by the city’s Department of Housing (SMH) and the Institute of Pereira Passos (IPP). The number of favelas in Rio remains a debate though, the federal government department (AFC) reports there are 1,020 favelas, while the city of Rio’s Department of Housing lists 582, as part of the current public policy program ‘Morar Carioca’ (The Rio Times).

Many claim that the heart of Rio can be found in the neighborhood of Lapa; a colorful district nestled in between Santa Teresa and Centro, where historical monuments and lively culture mingle with dilapidated architecture. The face of Lapa is set to change, however, as various renovation projects begin to slowly transform the area and breathe new life into old walls (The Rio Times).

Astonishingly beautiful yet relatively unknown, Pedra Bonita is a hidden gem, towering above the forest of Tijuca National Park and offering a bird’s eye view across the city. Standing at 2,283 feet, this mountain lies between the districts of São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca with a road leading to the Estrada das Canoas; a famous and favorite take-off point for Hand Gliders. From here a path can be taken through the forest, affording a glimpse at some fantastic natural wildlife, complete with the occasional monkey swinging through the trees (The Rio Times).


It is the leading fashion event in one of the most racially diverse nations on Earth, a week-long celebration of Brazilian style, glamour and beauty. But the lack of indigenous and Afro-Brazilian faces on the catwalk at São Paulo fashion week has triggered protests and calls for a 20% quota of black models (The Guardian).



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