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In Brazil on July 1, 2011 at 2:02 pm


Render of the interior of a multi-use complex for Moema district in Sao Paulo (Orbis).


Brazil will pull it off at the last minute, at vast expense, just like any other World Cup host you can remember. But there is a larger prize to be won for Brazil, because some of the key issues they have to grapple with in hosting a successful World Cup – not to mention the Rio Olympics in 2016 – are the same ones that have been hurting the economy for years (BBC).


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Deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon, the world’s biggest rain forest, more than doubled last month as farmers become more confident they’ll be granted amnesty for illegal logging (MercoPress).


The northeast of Brazil is made up of the most diverse landscapes, including islands, mountain ranges, waterfalls, rivers and lakes and as one of the largest of Brazil’s states, Bahia boasts many magical off the beaten track gems to explore. The Maraú Peninsula, Vale do Capão in Chapada Diamantina, and Caraiva, are three such destinations, and all have fabulous pousadas to make for a perfect getaway (The Rio Times).


For a large proportion of people working in Macaé, commuting to work by helicopter is not the preserve of the rich and famous, but the only way to get to their offshore job. Macaé’s sky buzzes with the sound of helicopters constantly ferrying crew to-and-from the platforms situated in Brazil’s most productive oil fields. Currently, Macaé’s airport leads the national ranking of helicopter traffic, with an average of 2,000 flights per month, commuting about 32,500 workers, at an average cost $1,500 each (The Rio Times).


Eike Batista’s real estate company, REX, has been negotiating with Flamengo Football Club to take over the administration of one its buildings overlooking Flamengo Beach. The idea is to turn it into a five star hotel to house tourists for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics Games (The Rio Times).

A tragic accident caused the death of a 24-year-old French tourist while riding the bonde (streetcar) that runs from Largo da Carioca in downtown Rio de Janeiro, to Santa Teresa. As the bonde passed the Arcos da Lapa, the famous white aqueduct, the man leaned out of the tramcar to take a picture of himself and lost his balance. He fell, passing through a gap in the safety fence, dropping fifteen meters to the street below and died instantly (The Rio Times).

The authorities in Rio say they plan to demolish about 3,000 houses ahead of the Olympics and insist they are treating people as fairly as possible (BBC).

As the nights draw in and turn cooler, many of Rio’s residents are enjoying long evenings spent indulging in a number of the culinary delights on offer. Unsurprisingly there are a wealth of top-class restaurants in Rio to choose from, catering to different tastes and settings. Pricey though they may be, they are certainly worth it when it comes to taste and setting, and ultimately provide the perfect excuse to get out and about the city (The Rio Times).


Hundreds of thousands of people dancing and wearing costumes packed on Sunday the streets of Sao Paulo, South America’s biggest city to celebrate June 26 gay pride day and call for an end to homophobia (MercoPress).



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