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In Brazil on August 19, 2011 at 10:18 am


Aspicuelta Building will be built in Vila Madalena, an alternative and bohemian district in São Paulo’s West Side. For years, bars, restaurants, stores and art galleries have set up in the region, occupying and transforming properties amidst the low-rise and simple housing that still prevails, and drawing a young and modern public to the area (more on Openbuildings).


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In the global cinema series, Phil Hoad looks at how Brazilian films such as José Padilha’s Elite Squad series sold gritty social commentary to Hollywood (The Guardian).


A tough-minded law has boosted Brazil’s environmental record in recent years by helping to drive the rate of destruction in the Amazon rainforest to historic lows. But a backlash in the hinterlands is threatening to weaken the country’s forest code and push deforestation rates back up again (Nature).


The evident stagnation of Brazilian border cities, in contrast with the dynamism of twin cities in neighboring countries, was pointed out as an example of the government disregard for the border regions by senators who took part at a public hearing promoted by the Permanent Sub-committee on the Amazon and the Border Strip (Federal Senate).


The Brazilian Magistrates Association (AMB) asked Justice Minister Cardozo to create a special task force to solve the murder of Judge Patrícia Acioli (47 years). She was assassinated last week outside her home in Niterói, the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, shot 21 times in her car by gunmen wearing Ninja masks (The Rio Times).

Sao Goncalo gangs may have been planning her assasination since 2009, according to newspaper reports (Insight Crime).

One of the great Art Deco references in Latin America, with more than 300 buildings in this style of construction, the city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 11th World Congress on Art Deco, between August 14th and 21st. The biennial meeting brings together international researchers, national and foreign professionals including architects, interior designers, professors of art history and designers (Rio Official Guide).

On August 20th the ‘Bus Rapid System,’ a fast bus line on a special corridor also known as BRS, will be inaugurated in Leblon and Ipanema. In the lead-up to the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, Rio de Janeiro is working hard to upgrade its infrastructure. One of the most important programs effecting many commuters is through the BRS system, as buses are the most common public transportation in the city (The Rio Times).

The nearly 2,000 workers renovating Maracana Stadium for the 2014 World Cup went on strike Thursday, citing unsafe conditions and demanding better pay and health care (Washington Post).

Carnivorous Cariocas are known for their love of carne-filled feijoadas, sizzling churrascos, and meat on a stick. Yet according to a 2011 survey by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics, nine percent of the Brazilian population identified themselves as vegetarian. The growing number of meat free diets, up four percent from a survey done seven years prior, accompanies an array of vegetarian restaurants that have popped up around Rio (The Rio Times).



The owners of Spanish fashion chain Zara say they are strengthening the oversight of their production system after workers were found toiling in a Brazilian sweatshop. A raid in Sao Paulo found mostly Bolivian immigrants working for a pittance in unsafe conditions (BBC).


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