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In Brazil on September 16, 2011 at 10:11 am


Render of the Atrium residential project for Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca neighbourhood (Skyscrapercity).


The Brazilian government took distance from the ruling Workers Party demand for an urgent implementation of a controversial media bill, arguing the issue was not urgent (MercoPress).



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Sencity is an unique way of getting everything out of your night. This party goes beyond music, all senses are stimulated at this party! With expressive dancers, a SenseFloor, Taste sensations, Video projections, light effects, sign interpreters and hairdressers the music event transforms in a overall experience (Sencity).

Neyde Lantyer is a Brazilian visual artist working with photography and installations. She is also a concept creator of projects on contemporary art, culture and society. Currently, she lives in Holland where she takes active role in art organizations and cultural enterprises. Lantyer was born in Queimadas-Bahia and attended the Escola de Belas Artes da UFBa (Federal University of Bahia), in Salvador (Neyde Lantyer).


No trip to Salvador, Brazil’s third largest city, would be complete without time spent in Pelourinho. Known as the city within a city, ‘Pelo’ is the colorful old neighborhood located within the Cidade Alta (Upper City). Colonial architecture, thriving artistry, and breathtaking churches are sprawled throughout the cobble-stoned streets, spawning a beauty and energy that go unmatched (The Rio Times).


In the past week the Complexo do Alemão in Rio’s Zona Norte (North Zone) has seen several clashes between civilians and UPP (Police Pacification Unit) officers. While no new incidents have been reported since September 7th, the unrest spurred officials to reevaluate UPP strategy in Alemão. These events mark the largest shootout between police and civilians since the community was invaded by peacekeeping forces in November 2010 (The Rio Times).

How about enjoying the weekend strolling along one of the most beautiful and secluded regions in the city? The quarters of Vargem Grande and Vargem Pequena, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, are going to be the scene of the 3rd Festival of Art and Gastronomy at the Vargens, in October 22nd and 23rd, from 10am to 7pm, when the ateliers in the region are to be open for visitation and the restaurants are going to offer special dishes at very agreable prices. This part of the city that is today being modernized for the 2016 Olympic Games is well known by its exuberant nature and bucolic atmosphere, besides harboring one of the most renowned gastronomy centers in the city. Enjoy your trip! (Rio Official Guide).

Following up on previous articles listing places for rent in Rio within the R$3,500 and R$2,500 monthly rental price range, The Rio Times now look at what is available for the lower amount of R$1,500. The focus is still on the more popular areas of Zona Sul (South Zone) for foreigners, but with the real estate and rental prices rising considerably in the last two years, the choices are limited within this range (The Rio Times).


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It has been a news-headlines plagued Miss Universe pageant, both before and after, that finally crowned beauty queen Leila Lopes, Angola’s first in Sao Paulo (MercoPress).

Three leading members of one of Brazil‘s most powerful churches have been accused of laundering millions in church donations and using worshippers’ money for personal gain. The charges, unveiled on Monday by São Paulo’s public prosecutor, relate to 404m reals (£150m) allegedly obtained from mostly impoverished churchgoers by leaders at Brazil’s Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (The Guardian).



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