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In Brazil on September 30, 2011 at 9:39 am


Protesters are demanding that Brazil’s legislators sweep out corruption. They’re making that point by planting 594 brooms in front of Congress. The brooms are green and yellow, the colors of Brazil’s flag, and there is one for each representative. They were planted in front of Congress Tuesday night so the 513 members of the House and the 81 senators could see them (SF Gate).


Brazil Weekly joins the dicussion on corruption in Brazil , but strives to leave the subject at your discretion:


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Bolivian Interior Minister Sacha Llorenti has resigned after being heavily criticised over a police crackdown on a protest march. Police fired tear gas and arrested hundreds of activists protesting against the building of a road through the Amazon. The proposed 300km (190-mile) road, financed by Brazil, would link Brazil to Pacific ports in Chile and Peru (BBC).

As general debate of the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) 66th Session got underway this week, the issue of UN structural reform was again brought into focus—with Brazil leading the charge. A thriving democracy and one of the largest emerging economies in the world, Brazil has powerful ammunition in making its demand—especially paired with the collective declining influence of deficit-ridden, developed nations. The desired trophy for Brazil comes in the form of a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) (Americas Quarterly).

Long vulnerable to periodic financial crisis in neighboring Argentina, Uruguay’s growing ties with Brazil and more diversified exports are prompting investors to bet the country is heading toward its first investment-grade rating since 2002 (Bloomberg).


Guatemala will purchase six Brazilian military aircraft Super Tucano, radars and other equipment to combat the narcotics trade traffic of which the Central American country is considered a crucial link between South America and the United States (MercoPress).

Boeing Co. says it has appointed a former U.S. ambassador as president of its soon-to-be opened office in Brazil. Boeing says that Donna Hrinak will open the company’s office in Sao Paulo Brazil on Oct.14. She served as U.S. ambassador to Brazil between 2002 and 2004 (Washington Post).

Hrinak will be based in a new Boeing office to be opened in Sao Paulo and will report to Boeing International President Shep Hill, who is also senior vice president of business development and strategy. Boeing is expanding its presence in Brazil and one of the key aims of the new office in Brazil’s business capital will be to strengthen the company’s engagement with customers, industry and government stakeholders (UPI).

President Dilma Rousseff signed a bill, exempting defense companies from taxes for five years. The measure aims at encouraging defense companies to produce locally and reducing the share of imported equipment in the armed forces. In addition, Brazil is interested in exporting defense equipment (xinhua).



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Staff turnover is always a delicate subject as it is directly related to the operation of any organization. This Brazil Business article will give you an overview of the current situation in Brazil and point out the reasons that have led to it.

Brazil’s ministry for women has called for a TV advertisement featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen in her underwear to be suspended. The ministry has asked the advertising authorities to ban the lingerie ad, which it says “reinforces the erroneous stereotyping of women as sex objects” (BBC).

A jealous Brazilian woman could not tolerate her man’s double life with a second lover, so she appealed to her life’s savings to have the competitor for the same love, ‘Lupita’ disappeared (MercoPress).



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