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In Brazil on October 14, 2011 at 10:34 am


The National Congress may analyze the presidential veto to the Ibsen Pinheiro Amendment – which equally shares the oil royalties among producer and non-producer states – on the 26th (Federal Senate).

Over 200.000 people took to the streets of the Brazilian capital to protest against corruption and impunity. The Wednesday rally was convened through the social networks and responds to citizens’ organizations with no political affiliation (MercoPress).



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Brazil is reinforcing its diplomacy’s legal and trade departments in anticipation of a major impact from a possible global situation and in this context “Mercosur is a priority, almost a sanctuary” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said (Mercopress).

Brazil questioned the Venezuelan government guarantees for freedom of expression and Judiciary branch independence although at the same time saying it was a “good friend” of the government of President Hugo Chavez (Mercopress).

Sérgio Amaral, a former trade minister and now president of the China-Brazil Business Council. “The expansion of trade and of investment is very beneficial for the country, with one qualification,” he told the Global Post. “Sometimes you don’t know whether the investments are looking for Brazil as a market or whether they correspond to strategic purposes of the Chinese government” (Financial Times).



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A Pentagon assessment to Congress noted Brazil’s navy offered to provide China training in carrier operations. “However, Brazil’s limited capabilities in this area and the extensive problems with Brazil’s own carrier program raise some questions as to the implications of the offer,” it said (Reuters).

General Luiz Eduardo Rocha Paiva, member of the Academy of Terrestrial Military History of Brazil, supported a greater integration between diplomacy and national defense. He regretted that Brazilian military leaderships have been, as he remarked, “on the sideline of the State’s decision-making center”. He warned that the international “friction areas” began to approach the African West coast and the South Atlantic (Federal Senate).

President Dilma Rousseff revealed that in the last four months Brazilian forces in the framework of the ‘Strategic Frontiers Plan’ had seized over 62 tons of drugs and 650 kilos of arms and explosives (Mercopress).

The country needs to avoid the “trap” of treating its border areas only as crime regions, recommended the special advisor of the Under-Secretariat of Federative Affairs of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Presidency, Alberto Kleiman. At a public hearing held by the Permanent Subcommittee on the Amazon and the Border Strip, he warned to the need to stimulate the development of areas next to the neighboring countries (Federal Senate).

The August 27 robbery at the Itau Unibanco bank on Sao Paulo’s Avenida Paulista, and the inept investigation that followed, highlight the security challenges still facing Brazil. Despite considerable progress in some areas, crime remains a major drag on the economy, and it is arguably one of the biggest obstacles standing between Brazil and its dream of attaining rich-world status in the coming decade (Reuters).

One of the Israeli citizens arrested in Brazil in a police operation against smuggling is on the most wanted list of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) (Xinhua).


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