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In Brazil on February 3, 2012 at 10:53 am


Render of the redevelopment of Belo Horizonte’s Central Market, which will include a theatre and convention centre (Skyscrapercity).


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Construction workers’ strikes at Brazil’s World Cup venues continue to plague preparations for the 2014 showpiece with the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador hit by a stoppage in demand of improved wages (Reuters).


Scientists record Amazon’s structure and biodiversity by bouncing laser beams off forest 400,000 times per second (The Guardian).

Authorities rescued 52 farm workers who were being held in slave-like conditions on three ranches in the Amazon state of Para, the government said (Latin American Herald Tribune).


Rio’s public security forces, the Polícia Civil, Polícia Militar and Bombeiros (Firefighters) are threatening to go on strike during the 2012 Carnival period if demands over increased wages and better working conditions are not met. On Sunday morning, organizers estimated thousands turned out to demonstrate in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, protesting against what unions say are the lowest wages for firefighters and police officers in the country (The Rio Times).

The arena for the London 2012 Olympic basketball and handball competitions may be sold for use at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic Delivery Authority said (Bloomberg).

Over the last several years, the well-traveled square Praça General Osorio in Rio’s famous Ipanema, known for its Feira Hippie (hippie market) and Carnival bloco Banda de Ipanema, has been reinvigorated with a series of infrastructure developments, transforming it from a “up-and-coming” area to high-end real estate. With Brazil’s economical growth and the Olympic effect, the praça (park) is now amongst the best developed areas in the city (The Rio Times).

One of the great Art Deco references in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro has more than 300 buildings in this style of construction. Art Deco, international design movement between the years 1915 and 1945, has its origin in the contraction of the name of the Exhibition Paris, 1925 (Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes). Its main features are the geometric lines, with emphasis on aerodynamics, inspired by several
ancient cultures like Greece and Egypt. On the Brazilian side, the indigenous Marajoara ceramic culture, from the north (Rio Official Guide).


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Foxconn plans to build five additional factories in Brazil to produce liquid crystal displays for future Apple products. The plan was announced by the Secretary of Planning and Development for the State of São Paulo, Julio Semeghini, and reported by Brazilian news outlet, Folha. The five factories are in addition to the one already believed to producing iPads and iPhones, and each is reportedly set to employ roughly 1,000 workers (BGR).

One of Brazil’s most wanted and dangerous drug barons was abruptly captured while on vacation in a posh mountain town outside of Sao Paulo. Fabianao Atanazio da Silva, known by his street name of “FB”, previously commanded a multi-million dollar drug trade from his base in Vila Cruzeiro shantytown in Rio de Janeiro (Al Jazeera).

São Paulo’s Carnival celebrations are far less known, hyped-up, talked about or even attended by as many people as those in other parts of the country – but it’s not for lack of effort or talent (Time Out Sao Paulo).



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