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In Brazil on February 10, 2012 at 1:39 pm


Civil servants won eight years of wage increases above inflation under former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. They now believe Rousseff has become a “hostage” of the global financial crisis during her first year in office, denying raises to keep spending down, said Pedro Armengol, public sector coordinator of CUT, Brazil’s biggest labor confederation (Business Week).

Guido Mantega, the Brazilian Finance Minister, reportedly dismissed Luiz Felipe Denucci Martins, the Head of Casa da Moeda do Brasil (the Brazilian Mint), following accusations that Denucci was receiving bribes and depositing them in off-shore bank accounts. According to Folha de São Paulo, Mantega was informed in August 2011 that Denucci had begun to open offshore accounts in tax havens (The Rio Times).

The Brazilian government announced that Women Policies Minister Iriny Lopes is stepping down from her position to run in municipal elections this year. Lopes will run for mayor of Vitoria, the capital of Espirito Santo state, in the southeastern region (Xinhua).

The Brazilian government has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, demanding that the firm remove accounts in the country that warn citizens of police speed traps and roadblocks (BBC).

A piece of news in a Brazilian website caused a wave of reactions and expectations when it declared sources close to the medical team treating former Brazilian President Lula da Silva for a throat cancer said he is free of the disease (MercoPress).


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Tensions have reached boiling point in a landownership dispute between landless Paraguayans and Brazilian-born farmers, known locally as “Brasiguayos”, who operate farmland in the agricultural community of Ñacunday in the Alto Paraná department of eastern Paraguay. Those seeking the “foreign” farmers’ eviction believe the land is being illegally occupied and should be redistributed to locals (The Rio Times).

Vice Premier Wang Qishan left Beijing to co-host a bilateral high-level meeting, according to a press release from the Foreign Ministry. Wang and Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer will co-host the second meeting of the China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee, the ministry said (Xinhua).

Rio+20 shows little sign of living up to original Earth summit. As Brazil prepares for the Rio+20 conference, there is little on the agenda to suggest any substantive action will be taken (The Guardian).


In a somewhat unusual move, India agreed during Amorim’s trip to share with Brazil some of its experiences of carrying out the open tender evaluation to select the best aircraft. This matters greatly to Brazil, as it is currently involved in a similar selection process. Brazil would like to buy 36 fighter jets, and Rafale, F-18 and Gripen-NG are still in the race (Post Western World).


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The number of foreign workers in Brazil grew 57% last year, reaching 1.51 million in December, according to statistics from the Ministry of Justice (Folha).



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