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In Brazil on May 25, 2012 at 10:05 am


Blame it on the U.S.-inspired 2008 financial crisis, but make no mistake about it, the Brazilian government is playing the national economy like a puppet on a string. Since 2008, Brazil has become more like China than like Russia, India or the U.S. Read on about the Chinafication of Brazil at Forbes.

President Dilma Rousseff will be awarded 20,000 reais (10,000 U.S. dollars) compensation from Rio De Janeiro state for being tortured during the country’s 1964-1985 dictatorship, a spokesman for the presidential office said (Xinhua).

Lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment that strengthens punishments for landowners and others who force people into slave-like working conditions, in which thousands of Brazilians are trapped (Washington Post).

Brazil’s president says the nation has nearly doubled its high-speed internet connections in the past year. President Dilma Rousseff says there are now 72 million such connections in Latin America’s largest nation (Washington Post).

President Dilma Rousseff is likely to veto some controversial aspects of a forest bill passed by the Congress last month as pressure mounts against the text days before the country hosts a large UN conference on sustainable development (Reuters).

A symbolic jail, made of PVC tubes, was set up on the beach in Ipanema over the weekend as part of a public campaign to get the Brazilian Supreme Court to judge the case of the “Big Monthly Allowance” (“mensalão”) that was paid to members of Congress for their support at the beginning of the Luis Inacio Lula da Silva administration. A total of 38 people are charged with involvement in the vote-buying scheme (Agencia Brasil).


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Senior Brazilian and Chinese officials said that the two countries should further enhance their strategic partnership in the coming years. Brazil-China ties have witnessed remarkable achievements in recent years, Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer said at a meeting with visiting Chinese official Hu Chunhua, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee (Xinhua).

The Iranian government says it has sacked a diplomat accused of molesting at least four girls at a swimming pool in Brazil. The official, Hekmatollah Ghorbani, was arrested last month following the alleged incident at a sports club (BBC).

Brazil is establishing its place as a “major political and economic actor,” in Angola, Mozambique and in other African countries, with its companies investing in the same sectors as important Chinese and Indian investors, according to researcher Loro Horta. In an article entitled, “The Embrace of the Anaconda: A rising Brazil enters Africa,” published this month in the Latin Business Chronicle, Horta said that the growing Brazilian presence has gone unnoticed, as the focus has been on China and India, which are two other large emerging economies (Macauhub).

Canada’s Mc Cain has suspended production of frozen chip potatoes in Argentina because of the trade barriers which impede exports to Brazil in the framework of a bilateral dispute that is limiting the flow of goods both ways (MercoPress).

Foreign Affairs minister Antonio Patriota revealed that Brasilia is following closely the situation in Venezuela because of the medical condition of President Hugo Chavez, to whom he sent a message of quick recovery (MercoPress).

The defense ministers of Brazil and Turkey met in Brazil last month, where they signed a letter of intent to improve bilateral military ties and increase technology transfers. In an email interview, Oliver Stuenkel, an assistant professor of international relations at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo, discussed the military relationship between Brazil and Turkey (Post Western World).


An extra 3,000 policemen will help strengthen the security here during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development next month, the Rio state government said (Xinhua).

Boeing and Northrop Grumman have made further moves into the Brazilian market, having announced that they will explore working with two of the country’s manufacturers in agreements made public on 15 May. The agreements come as Boeing continues to push the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter aircraft as a solution to meet the Brazilian F-X2 requirement (Janes).



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